Wheelhouse is a company that takes pride in being in the thick of it, in the mix, not just in the office cubicles and conference rooms; but feet on the ground. We are listeners and innovators. In other words, we are where our coveted audiences are, both as fans and as tactical marketers. We share this knowledge with our clients and help them identify branding solutions that speak true to who they are, what they are and how they can better serve their consumer and community.


gearPublic Relations

Building from the ground up, Wheelhouse Marketing & PR provides a robust public relations strategy that includes persuasive writing, solid news judgment and strong media relationships. Read more


gearSponsorship Strategy

Wheelhouse Marketing & PR will identify, assess and value partnership opportunities and help set the standard operating procedures for healthy partnership platforms for brands. Read more


gearMarketing & Branding

Wheelhouse Marketing & PR works closely with clients to create an ecosystem of brand, product awareness and marketing strategies that speak to the heart of the consumer and drives ROI. Read more